Simplicity is a magical thing

Simplicity is a magical thing in Direct Selling News.?


Emerging trends in network marketing and the broader skincare business were reshaped by the pioneering efforts of R+F during its first 15 years. With its dermatologically inspired products, clinically validated and recognized for their excellent results, R+F has just scratched the iceberg of brand awareness.

While Dimitri Haloulos’ is a household name, “six out of ten consumers still don’t know who we are,” he said. “At 15, we have a wave of explosive growth ahead of us. At this point, we believe we can unlock the next wave of rapid growth, and we’re well on our way to becoming the fastest-growing billion-plus direct seller on our planet.

The R+F team is focused on changing both the consultant experience and the R+F brand messaging to give the field simple and compelling ways to share R+F with more clients than previously.

Simplicity is a magic thing (continued)

Both new and experienced consultants will benefit from Laura Beitler ‘s decades of sales and marketing experience. She has also brought her leadership skills to R+F consultants while adapting to today’s digital environment.

There is beauty in the simplicity of this craft. Beitler says something she’s discovered many times. Signing up is a snap because we’ve streamlined and simplified the process. As I often say, “the love is in the details”, our packaging is beautiful so that the first impression of our company is positive

A new digital application that allows a consultant to manage his firm at his fingertips via his mobile phone is part of our efforts to simplify the management of a consulting firm. And if they have a team, that allows them to help lead and inspire and encourage their team fundamentally,” he said.

Thanks to the power of our amazing community, we believe we can reach over $1 billion in direct sales revenue levels faster than anyone else in the world. — CEO and President Dimitri Haloulos

The R+F team wanted to hear more about what consultants thought about the opportunity, assets, and possibilities after launching new streamlined processes, a simple sharing system, and committed new rewards over the past few months.

It has been a huge success since its inception. We focused on combining this simple way of sharing in a repeatable way that works and is highly systematic. We have a fantastic portfolio and great marketing materials, and we’re looking to the future,” says Beitler.

When R+F recently launched its  “Make it your own”  marketing campaign, it focused on 20 women, all of whom were consultants at different levels of the company and from different ethnicities, ethnicities and of various nationalities.

“We strived to fully understand how our consultants express what the opportunity means to them, which means something different to each,” said Elana Gold, the company’s chief marketing officer. It’s a great opportunity, and the campaign shows how to “make it yours” by allowing it to fall into your life. Through the campaign, we were able to highlight real people and demonstrate that you can take advantage of this chance however you see fit. However, we also make it nice, easy and simple for you.

The company’s focus on its target market is clear, as they have spent the last year working hard to increase its reach and visibility in the community. The company has put a lot of effort into social media and has worked hard to establish a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

“We have over  followers on our social media.This helps us engage with our target market online and at events. new business opportunities.Haloulos says the product combination “really makes a difference — they do it clinically” in their diet-based business. Total RF Serum accelerates these results. Therefore, following a schedule will help you get better and faster results. On the other hand, this product is ideal for those who do not want to commit to a long-term routine but still want to see results. As a result, our consultants can increase their market share in the consumer sector. »

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